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In 2000 July, Mr. CET Moorthy started his career as an employee in a leading Indian company focusing exclusively on blood banking.
He worked in leading MNC's cattering to blood banking till 2008.
In July 2008, he started on his own entrepreneurial journey by starting Balaji Health Care. Since then had helped in setting up over 50 turnkey blood banks primarily in Tamilnadu with a few in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala too.
In July 2012 Chennai branch was opened to better serve the customers.

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  • Best of the industry support
  • Always customer centric attitude
  • Leadership in action
  • Affordability & accessibility
  • Jubilant work culture
  • Integrity in every movement


The Leader

Leader of the company Mr. CET Moorthy has a great vision in mind. He started his career in pharma industry. Stick on to it for 2 decades and going on. He is a polite and extended handholding personality. Every doctor will enjoy his service due to his friendly approach and solution giving capacity. He is leading this company in a professional manner and coordinating the team with compassion.

Our Brand LOGO

Our logo and tagline are designed in such a way to exhibit our service in a single glance.
Our previous logo is rebranded by renowned Brand Consultant Mr Surekaa with more significance.
Logo is having a Drop of Blood.
Inside that drop, First letter of Balaji Healthcare "B" is designed.
Our Tagline says "Be Live in Blood" - It means We belive in blood - because it is our core business. Everyone is living with blood. It denotes giving blood to others and living.